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Women For Sobriety (WFS)

A friend of mine came across Women For Sobriety while doing some research. It is amazing an program for women alcoholics who want to stop drinking alcohol. There is a wealth of useful information about the treatment of alcoholism in women that you will find useful, I have summarized what Women For Sobriety is all about.

Women For Sobriety is a non profit organization founded by Jean Kirkpatrick back in the 1970’s.  As the name hints, it was created for women alcoholics who want to overcome alcoholism and other addictions.

Jean Kirkpatrick was an alcoholic who got sober and then turned her sobriety method into a worldwide self help program for women alcoholics.

Women For Sobriety – The New Life Program for Women Alcoholics

The ‘New Life’ program was created by Jean Kirkpatrick and consists of thirteen statements of positivity which encourage emotional and spiritual growth.

The ‘New Life’ program is used in small self help groups, hospitals, clinics and other alcohol related recovery centers.

Women for Sobriety is aimed at women because they determined that the psychological/emotional needs for women are very different in recovery than those of men.

The New Life program can be used independently or at the same time as Alcoholics Anonymous or any other alcohol recovery programs.

The thirteen statements of the Women For Sobriety New Life Program:

1. I have a life threatening problem that once had me
I now take charge of my life, I accept the responsibility

2. Negative thoughts destroy only myself
My first conscious act must be to remove negativity from my life

3. Happiness is a habit I will develop
Happiness is created, not waited for

4. Problems bother me only to the degree I permit them to
I now better understand my problems and do not permit problems to overwhelm me.

5. I am what I think
I am a capable, competent, caring, compassionate woman

6. Life can be ordinary or it can be great
Greatness is mine by a conscious effort

7. Love can change the course of my world
Caring becomes all important

8. The fundamental object of life is emotional and spiritual growth
Daily I put my life in proper order, knowing which are the priorities

9. The past is gone forever
No longer will I be victimized by the past, I am a new person

10. All love given returns
I will learn to know that others love me

11. Enthusiasm is my daily exercise
I treasure all moments of my new life

12. I am a competent woman and have much to give life
This is what I am and I shall know it always

13. I am responsible for myself and my actions
I am in charge of  my mind, my thoughts, and my life

According to Women For Sobriety, to make the program effective for you, arise each morning fifteen minutes earlier than usual and go over the Thirteen affirmations. Then begin to think about each one by itself. Take one statement and use it consciously all day. At the end of the day review the use of it and what effects it had that day for you and your actions.

Just writing those affirmations felt good!

There are also a bunch of great articles written by Jean Kirkpatrick as well as some books. I will list the links for the articles below.

The Program
Getting Back To The Real World
Roadmaps For Your Life
Self Esteem
Sobriety Or Recovery
The Hungering Heart
The Way It Is
Understanding Relapse
Wanting To Belong


Click for information on the Women For Sobriety Annual Conference 2009

Click for the Women For Sobriety Online Community Forum

Click here to see available books, programs etc to purchase 

For more indepth information about Women For Sobriety, you can visit their website at www.womenforsobriety.org

Women For Sobriety really deals with the issues that women face everyday when suffering with alcoholism. This program aids women in learning how to quit drinking by using affirmations as well as helping women to cope whilst living with sobriety.

Enjoy the information.

Feel free to share you own knowledge of WFS and if the program works for you.

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