What Do You Want Out Of Life?

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Giving up alcohol is a life changing decision. Once you quit drinking, there are going to be one of three outcomes. You will either relapse, become a dry drunk or create a new life for yourself.

It is obvious that you do not want to relapse and go back to the bottle. Becoming a dry drunk is pretty awful too, basically you have given up drinking but are continuing to try and live the same life. This will create a void in you that will ultimately lead you back to drinking. The last and only real option is to create a new life for yourself by asking ‘What do I want out of life?”

It pays off to really think about this and then put your thoughts on paper. You can do this in a few different ways.

Just before I took the plunge and quit drinking, I wrote out a list of positive statements as if they were already true. Each statement that I wrote reflected something about myself or my life that I wanted to change.

Here are a few of the statements that I wrote out just before I quit drinking:

  • ‘I am healthy and smoke free, I have given up smoking and drinking for my health and I want to be a good example for my children as well as smell good for my husband!’
  • ‘I eat power foods, lean meats, lots of vegetables and salads, I have reduced my intake of processed foods’
  • ‘I am in good physical shape and have an athletic looking body’
  • ‘I work in an environment that I am extremely happy in and I enjoy the work that I do’
  • ‘I have a fun and fulfilling life. My family and I have gone sailing, deep sea fishing, hiking together. We have been on safari in Africa, to see the Taj Mahal in India. We have seen the Northern lights and the castles in England’.
  • ‘I have written a best selling novel’
  • ‘I am confident, fulfilled and happy’
  • ‘I get my kicks from my children, husband, family and friends. I do not need to use alcohol and cigarettes’.
  • ‘My children, husband, family and friends respect and admire me’
  • ‘I am learning new skills’
  • ‘I am creating a life that I love’

This list of mine has evolved and changed since I first quit drinking. I can honestly say that the life that I wanted to create for myself is actually happening. It is amazing when you spend some time thinking about what you really want out of life, then write it down and read it often. You begin to create your own reality. It doesn’t happen overnight though and it takes action from you.

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  1. Write down five things in life that you want to achieve in your lifetime
  2. Write down five things in life that you would like to change about yourself
  3. Read your list daily
  4. Add to your list when ideas come to you
  5. Take action and start your list today
  6. Spend five minutes visualizing the person that you want to be and the lifestyle that you want to live
  7. Dream big

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4 thoughts on “What Do You Want Out Of Life?

  1. Very inspirational, thank you princess! This is an awesome post and it has got me a bit more centered as far as my daily goals and such….going to focus on the important stuff today, darn it! Thanks so much for that….

  2. Hi Patrick.

    I am so glad that you get something out of this. Good luck with your daily goals. Thanks and keep coming back!

  3. More great advice Madison.

    I think that’s where I failed last time. I guess I became a bit complacent and took my sobriety for granted. There are many things I’d really like to achieve in my life time. I’m really going to ponder those before I try again.

    Most of all though, I also want to inspire others. Especially my wife and 3 beautiful children. I want to be a great role model. Someone who is not scared to be different. I know that I will never reach my full potential until I’m comfortable in my own skin.


  4. I hear you Brett. That is how I felt too. That somehow I would never truly be who I was meant to be if I did not quit drinking.
    There is no substitute for being a good role model to your children. You only get one shot at it. Kids are only on loan to us, it is our job to do the best we can for them. It is difficult to be there for anyone when you are in the throws of alcohol abuse or alcoholism. The good news is that once you realize how much more you can be, you want more of it and sobriety becomes an absolute must. Everything else starts to fall into place and the difference in yourself and your family becomes obvious.
    A great book that I recommend reading is ‘If You Think You Can’ by T.J Hoisington.

    Come back soon!

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