What Do You Need To Get Sober?

What do you need to get sober?

Please list absolutely anything you think may help you to get sober, if you aren’t comfortable leaving comments, please email me at madison@recoveryprincess.co m.

Let me tell you why I’m asking for this info.

Before I got sober, I didn’t really know what I needed to get sober other than to stop drinking which of course was extremely difficult. Now with hindsight,  I realize that I needed a bunch of things such as:

Free time – so that I could research alcoholism and sobriety

Privacy – admitting to myself and learning more about being an alcoholic was deeply personal. I valued my privacy while going through this

Books/literature – I utilized physical books, online books, articles, I consumed everything I could to learn about alcoholism and sobriety, especially success stories of which there are many!

Personal Computer – This was invaluable because I used this for practically everything; journaling, reading, forums, and starting this blog. It helped that it belonged to me because it was private and accessible anytime I wanted.

Nature and Solitude – Being outdoors and walking were crucial to me during the early days of sobriety, I still walk and get outdoors frequently  but the solitude is not a huge deal for me anymore. I lived near a nature preserve that was very quiet and beautiful and I spent time there often ( It’s easier to cry and stomp around angrily when no one is around!)

Ipod/IPhone – When I got sober I had an IPod and I listened to podcasts and ITunes U everyday, I’ve mentioned before but it’s worth telling you again that the most helpful to me were Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, send Jim Rohn, I listened to many other speakers who were influential on my mindset. These helped enormously, especially on days when the noise in my head was too much to bear. I still listen to podcasts and ITunes U, I have increased my IQ some since 7 years ago!

Writing supplies – Paper and pens, I can’t tell you how many notes I had laying around, stuffed in books, in my bag. When I got sober it was like my brain needed to dump its prior information and I had to purge it wherever I was, I would write on scraps of paper all the time. I guess now with a smartphone you could use “notes”. ( I still have a bag of these notes hidden somewhere, they were memories or insights that would come to me). Something I absolutely love now but wish I had when I first quit drinking is this “One Line A Day: 5 Year Memory Book”

Recipes – This may sound strange but when you get sober you need hobbies, I intuitively went with what came to me, suddenly I was whipping up new food dishes, homemade lemonade, bread, and more. I still make some of these recipes today, they have become firm favorites, my mind was desperate to fixate on something and it couldn’t be the effects of alcohol.

Looking back, I would have benefited from sites such as “Skillshare” or  “Coursera” which sound a little boring but actually are amazingly fun and motivating, these have a small monthly fee so I would add “money” to the list of things needed to get sober, not a huge amount of money and what you save from not drinking would be enough.

Car/Ride – I used to take long drives sometimes, just to be alone and enjoy peaceful surroundings. An alternative could be a train or bus ride. I didn’t go to AA but maybe some people who don’t have a car or are still drinking and want to go to a meeting might need a ride (Sober Grid app connects people and I saw something about rides too)

Community/Support/Relationships – For me, close family, online forums and this blog along with the comments I received really helped. I also saw a counsellor or 3! They were a huge help. I’ve realized that I’m not as social as I used to be when drinking, I’m drained after too much time with people, I’ve read that I’m probably an “Introvert” which may explain a lot, I often drank to feel comfortable around people, maybe I should have just taken a break from them! The relationships I had when getting sober were few and that worked for me but I recognize that many people benefit from connecting with lots of people, in these situations AA or other sobriety groups (women for sobriety, meet ups etc) can help.

I recently came across many social media avenues which could prove helpful like “Sober Grid” app for smart devices, Sober groups on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, these of course are free but you need a device.

So here you have my list of things that I used and needed to help me get sober, fortunately I was able to acquire all of these things but I know that many people have challenges with getting these resources

Please share in the comments what you need, what you think may help etc, let’s brainstorm and find a way to get the help you need.

I appreciate your input!!! Don’t delay, comment today!

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