The Road Less Traveled by M.Scott Peck Depression

It has been over 5 years since I gave up drinking alcohol but I haven’t given up reading Personal Development books!

I am currently reading The Road Less Traveled by M.Scott Peck. It’s funny because I have had this book for years, I even attempted reading it years back but it mustn’t gave been the right time because I couldn’t get into it. It’s a different story now, I can barely put it down. I want to share something I read about depression.

Over the years, I have struggled with depression repeatedly, I know that it is very common among the newly sober and active alcoholics.
I have read tons of info about depression, I have eaten certain foods, taken various vitamins, worked out, had talk therapy, you name it, I’ve probably done it with regard to trying to figure out and understand what depression is and why I suffer from it. This extract is from the book I mentioned and it makes more sense to me than ANYTHING else I have come across:

Excerpt from “The Road Less Traveled” by M.Scott Peck. M.D.
The Healthiness of Depression
…the feeling associated with giving up something up something loved- or at least something that is a part of ourselves and familiar- is depression. Since mentally healthy human beings must grow, and since giving up or loss of the old self is an integral part of the process of mental and spiritual growth, depression is a normal and basically healthy phenomenon. It becomes abnormal or unhealthy only when something interferes with the giving-up process, with the result that the depression is prolonged and cannot be resolved by completion of the process”.

You really need to read the book to get the full gist of the depression section.

Hope this helps!

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