The Power Of Crisis By Tony Robbins

The Power of Crisis –  A website by Tony Robbins

I have come across another immensely valuable resource; Tony Robbins. Just like with Zig Ziglar, I wonder where on earth I have been that I have only found this man now. But in a way I believe it is significant in the sense that right now is when I need to hear what he has to say the most.

I have found recently that I have the ability to control and change the way I feel, I am able to clearly recognize my moods and chart a course to reverse any negativity. I am not flying around like Mary Poppins but I definitely am feeling that I have more control over myself than ever before. This is the part of sobriety that I am truly enjoying.

During my quest for changing the way I feel, and isn’t that what we were trying to do with alcohol? I have now come across Tony Robbins.

Find out more about Tony Robbins

Watch Tony Robbins live on YouTube, there are tons of videos to watch that are all free, click here

Tony Robbins created this website in 2008 to help people during the tough recent economic times;

I hope this helps! I really got a lot out of watching these movies and listening to the audios. You might find the Exponential Mastermind Group Program helpful too, it’s devised from Napoleon Hill’s Book Think and Grow Rich, this is an affiliate program that I think is beneficial.

July 2016 Update: I was just reading this post and I am happy to report that I am still a fan of Tony Robbins. I wrote this post back in 2009 so I am glad that my recommendations are standing the test of time.


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7 thoughts on “The Power Of Crisis By Tony Robbins

  1. Is there any specific videos about quitting drinking you can recommend by Anthony Robbins or Zig Zigler? Thanks,.

  2. Hi,
    The videos that I have seen are all on You Tube and on I haven’t seen or heard of any specifically about quitting drinking but when you listen to them speak, they are speaking about all areas of your life, about real growth in every area. I think when you understand this concept you understand that you can no longer have alcohol as a part of your life. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hello It has been two years since my life went spiraling out of control. But the positive is I brought it to that, by my thinking.
    The negative is I did not realize that grace had given me an opportunity and I squandered it away. I am trying to get it back!
    In short, I lost my Job as a driver because I had cancer, Thyroid. afterwards I battled tiredness like I have never felt. I have a life long Kidney deficiency along with this and have been seeing doctors ever since the surgery two years ago, and it is getting better. I need help in trying to find that place were I can sync my thoughts and action together. My actions are lacking and I call it laziness. I know it is not, it is the feeling of Nothing is really important. The act of urgency has left me since the surgery. I am searching for the autonomy that comes with this life change to help me with my health. I ask that if anyone else has had this dilemma please contact me with what you have done.
    My actions in place now are Forced working out. EVERYDAY even if just walking.
    Prayers everyday.
    Trying to get enough Sleep.
    and trying to eat the right foods.
    I am a pleasant person to be around and I need the ‘SOMETHING ” to help me get started in getting my business off the ground. I am a successful Insurance broker. I now need the power to get out there and produce.
    Thank you

  4. Have you ever watched Tony’s videos on YouTube. I am going on 67 years old and most of my life I was in my head. I was always putting myself down and couldn’t find a way to get the answers I needed so I would quit then I started to look for answers to my questions. Firstly I found Earle Nightingale, then Bob Proctor , then John Assaraf and finally Tony Robbins. All these people helped me to discover that I was the way I was because of what I believed the self talk that I was telling myself and also how the information that I processed was negative. I began to see what Bob Proctor was talking about in relation to Paradigms. How when we are developing from when we are born. How all the information that goes into our conscious mind doesn’t get separated like it does when we are developing into teenagers. Here we have a mind divided into two, the conscious mind and a subconscious mind. All that we learn and let in, be it negative or positive doesn’t get separated until we reach puberty then what you have let in sort of sets you up for life. Having learnt that I then came across John Assaraf and bought some programs off him but I still wasn’t satisfied. Then I came across Tony Robbins and that has made me change a lot. He talks about stories, pain and pleasure, having a blue print of what I expected my life to be. That really made me look back at my past and not see it as being a painful loss but to look at it as a learning experience so I can pass on to others in the hope of giving them an example that even though I went what I thought was hell ,I kept persisting and the work that I have done and still doing is helping me to progress. Yes when you are down, you don’t feel that life is any good but I am here to tell you if you find someone like Tony Robbins then you will soon notice a difference. You always have a chance to change your circumstances and create a life on your terms. I hope this is helpful for you because if an old fellow can make a difference in his life then I think you should be able to.

  5. Hey John,
    what an awesome share from you, thank you very much! I agree with what you say, for sure people like Tony Robbins, Earle Nightingale, and for me Zig Ziglar, Tim Ferriss, and numerous other authors and podcast hosts have helped me to understand myself better and maintain my sobriety from alcohol. I’m going to look up Bob Proctor and Paradigms, that sounds interesting. Sobriety is definitely a journey that you have to undertake, like any journey, it takes some planning, some trial and error, some good times and some bad times but its worth it beyond words. Thanks again John and I hope life is treating you well.

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