The Best Free E-Books About Addiction and Recovery

How to get free e-books

There are some great Free e-books about sobriety, addiction and recovery on the Internet. Your local library is another good option. My preference for consuming content is on my Ipad and Ipod and a laptop, the one I recommend the most is an Ipod or Iphone because of the podcasts and audio books. These were a major help to me in the early days of sobriety. I would listen when I walked, when I was driving, when I was cleaning etc, so much of the content was free so I believe they are sound investment. I still do everything on these.

A Spiritual River website is a great place to start downloading e-books for free, written by my friend Patrick Meninga the author of Spiritual River,  these are some of the best Free e-books about sobriety, addiction, and recovery that I have come across. (update 7/21/16, the website has changed a bit since I wrote this, there is still a lot of great free content on the site but you might have to dig around for the e-books now)

The following titles are available:

  • Overcoming Addiction
  • Success in Early Recovery
  • Achieving Long Term Recovery
  • Action Guide for Recovery
  • Helping Addicted Family Members
  • A Program Guide for Rehabs
  • Holistic Relapse Prevention
  • Addiction Help Guide
  • Achieving Recovery and Balance
  • Avoid Passive Living and Take Massive Action

Click here to go directly to Spiritual River  and download the free e-book of your choice, the website is great too.

Paid “Stop Drinking Programs” Always give you a great free teaser e-book filled with great information.

Another way to get free e-books is through people who are selling programs based on how they gave up drinking, you give them your email, they send you a free e-book and then you have the option to purchase their programs as well as browse their websites for more useful information. When I was first thinking about getting sober from alcohol, I used these myself. They are helpful because they are written by recovering alcoholics. I have a list of affiliate links below that you can check out, you can get the free e-book and be done with it, or choose the downloadable program if it appeals to you.

Alcohol Free Forever Program 

How to Give up Drinking

Stop Drinking Expert Program


Amazons Fire Tablet –  has a great selection of free e-books that are constantly being added too.

The Nook HD Tablet by Barnes and Noble is another choice of Tablet that offers a great choice of free e-books for download. You can check out the free e-books on Barnes and Noble.

My all time favorite is the Apple Ipad, this one is newer than mine, but there is so much free stuff to get on these, I do everything on mine I absolutely love it and have had it for years now.

Maybe you would rather access all your free info via your IPhone which is my favorite but Samsung Galaxy’s are hot contenders too ( I don’t know too much about android systems)

Once you have Apple products such as the ones mentioned above, you will see the unlimited amount of not just free e-books available to you but ITunes University, Lots of free Sobriety Apps, access to free content from your local library and so much more.

I will continue to add to this list as I come across new resources. If you know of any please use the comments to share.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Free E-Books About Addiction and Recovery

  1. I appreciate the free ebooks list. I am a recoverying addict and have spent plenty of $$$ on learning about recovery. I have created a site with some recourses as well for those looking for help and can’t afford to jump into expensive rehab centers. I have done both, free and paid rehab. They are both good and have different strengths. There are tons of good books about addiction. Thanks again I appreciate the outreach.

  2. Great list!

    Here’s one that I wrote, Upwards Asphyxiation. It’s my story on how I escaped. 🙂

    Free coupon code: BN94K

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