The Advantages of Being Sober

Sober Man Riding Bike

Today I mused over the advantages of being sober. Here are some that are meaningful to me and possibly of interest to you:


1. No more hangovers


2. Less time wasted – I have always been an active person but while I was drinking there was a definite cut off time when I would go from being active to a slug. The cut off time was the second I took the first sip of alcohol.


3. 90% less anxiety – It is rare that I suffer with any kind of social anxiety or panic attacks anymore.


4. I can go anywhere, anytime. – I couldn’t just drive to the store at 8pm if I had been drinking, or take the kids out for an unexpected treat.


5. I don’t have to plan my day around my drinking – I feel so free now.


6. No guilt


7. My sense of humor has come back


8. I am happier


9. I wake up early


10. I don’t forget anything


Just writing this list is a benefit of being sober. I highly recommend it.


Please feel free to share your own advantages of being sober.




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7 thoughts on “The Advantages of Being Sober

  1. Thanks for this list, Princess!

    Reading through it, it really reminds me of a gratitude list. It’s like all of these benefits of sobriety–they are all stuff worth being grateful for.

    I especially like your point number 5: you no longer have to plan your day around drinking. This is true freedom. It’s the relief from the mental obsession. I have received this gift three times now in recovery: once when I got clean and sober, once when I quit smoking cigarettes, and once more when I quit the energy drinks and Mountain Dews. So nice not to have to plan your day out just so you can feel “normal.”

    Thanks for this list, Princess, and keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for contributing Patrick. You are right. These advantages are absolutely worth being grateful for. As a matter of fact, I set about a gratitude project in the very early days of sobriety that I feel was extremely useful in getting over those first day hurdles. I will be doing a post regarding it shortly.

    Relief from mental obsession is huge. I too quit smoking so I understand when you call this type of freedom a ‘gift’. Congrats to you for experiencing this gift three times now.

    Thanks for being the first to chime in Patrick!

  3. This list is a good start but I would say there is more to it than that, from a personal point of view I would add:

    1. Falling asleep naturally not passing out and getting a great nights sleep
    2. Remembering going to bed, remembering what you did last thing
    3. Getting my libido back
    4. Enjoying good food instead of craving hangover curing carbs
    5. No more secrecy and deviousness
    6. Not waking up with unexplained bruises or burns from being clumsy
    7. No having puffy skin and puffy eyes, slighty blood shot yellow eyes
    8. Being slimmer! Alcohol is very calorific
    9. Being in control and not having to explain away irratic behaviour
    10.Being in the moment, being vital and remembering everything

  4. Great additions to the list! I absolutely agree. Thank you for your comment! As I read your comment I realized that this post was one of the first I wrote when I got sober. I think an update is certainly due.
    Thank you again, not only have you made a good contribution you have given me another idea for a new post.

  5. Love these lists!!
    Remembering going to bed, and less wasted time will be huge. Something to look forward to. 🙂

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