One Sober Alcoholic- What It Was like Year One

I came across the ‘One Sober Alcoholic’ blog a while ago, then again today, it must be a sign! Either way, I enjoy the writings of this author. Today’s post is about her first year of sobriety which is an interesting read. You can read the post titled “What it was like: Year One” at One…

Women For Sobriety

Women For Sobriety (WFS) A friend of mine came across Women For Sobriety while doing some research. It is amazing an program for women alcoholics who want to stop drinking alcohol. There is a wealth of useful information about the treatment of alcoholism in women that you will find useful, I have summarized what Women For Sobriety is all about….

The Power of Crisis by Tony Robbins

The First Week Of Sobriety

THE FIRST WEEK OF SOBRIETY ~ MY EXPERIENCE After I quit drinking alcohol and made it through the first day of sobriety, I began to write often and extensively in a daily journal. Writing is therapeutic The writing was therapeutic and one of the advantages is that I can look over what I wrote back then and summarize my…