A Sobriety Book Review ‘Finding Your Strength In Difficult Times’

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I just wanted to share a great little find that I have been making good use of. “Finding Your Strength in Difficult Times” By David Viscott is a little book that you can fit in your pocket or purse, it has a variety of meditations that help to pick you up and give some sound advice for handling different situations and emotions.

I don’t just use this book through the hard times, I find it is equally helpful to read a few pages when I am feeling good too. Each meditation is about 2 small pages long and can change your frame of mind in just a few minutes.

The author David Viscott was an internationally known psychiatrist and author of many books. He was also an Emmy Award-winning talk show host.

Here are the titles of my favorite meditations:

Understand Your Anger
Be Yourself
Understanding Your Anxiety
Fix your Problems
Express Your Hurt
Live Your Own Life
Be Happy
Hear Your Own Voice

There are over two hundred of these mini meditations, they are well worth a few minutes read.


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