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I love this psalm right now. David speaks of the Lord favoring him over his enemies. He talks of the justice the Lord gives out. My favorite part…he talks of the Lord being a shelter for the oppressed and a refuge in times of trouble.

This Psalm speaks to me particularly because of some issues that I am facing at this time in my life. Sometimes I pray or I cry out in pain because of what I am feeling and experiencing. In those very moment I am not feeling relief from what is going on in my life nor do I feel inner calm when I need it. What I do know though, is that even when I feel awful, I know I am not alone, I know I am being heard. Even if I do not get the relief that I want right, or the answer that I want now, I know that it is not long in coming. The Lord never lets me down. It seems that we are just on different time zones!

When I first became a Christian, it seemed like my prayers were answered daily. I couldn’t believe it. I wondered what was wrong with the world that they could be miserable and suffer at times. Surely they should just pray like I did and then they would experience what I was experiencing..prayers answered so obviously. I was blinded by my new-found faith and definitely a little bold in my outlook. I have come to realise that God is not a magic genie that I can keep in my pocket. I won’t get what I want when I want it but he also will not ignore me either. He backs away a little and slowly but surely gives you more independence from him. Maybe to test us or maybe to make us stronger. I have read about this process through other people’s experiences but now I am going through it first hand.

I love that Psalm 9 explains to me that God will judge those on earth and will deal with them so. Sometimes I want him to deal with those kinds of people in  my way and on my timeframe but that is where faith steps in and I learn that justice for those who oppress us on earth in our humanity may not get what we what them to get in our time. But, with faith you can be sure that their time will come and that God is the one who is in charge and not us.

Sorry if I am talking in riddles. Can you tell that there is someone in my life now who I am feeling majorly oppressed by? Well there is and it is a difficult problem for me to wrap my head around. But, now that I have faith and sobriety to walk forward in this situation. I can be sure that whatever happens, the outcome will be far better than it ever could have been if I was still drinking and without God.

So.. on to Psalm 9

The commands:

  • Praise the Lord with all your heart
  • Tell of all the marvelous things the Lord has done in your life
  • Be filled with joy because of the Lord
  • Sing to the Lord with all your praises
  • Tell the world about his unforgettable deeds
  • Ask Him for mercy

The promises:

  • Your enemies will retreat
  • The Lord will judge in your favor with fairness
  • He is your shelter when oppressed
  • He is your refuge in times of trouble
  • Trust in the Lord for he will not abandon those who search for him
  • He does not ignore the cries of those who suffer
  • The needy will not be ignored forever
  • The hopes of the poor will not always be crushed

The Psalm:

I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart;
I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.

I will be filled with joy because of you.
I will sing praises to your name, O Most High.

My enemies retreated;
they staggered and died when you appeared.
For you have judged in my favor;
from your throne you have judged with fairness.
You have rebuked the nations and destroyed the wicked;
you have erased their names forever.
The enemy is finished, in endless ruins;
the cities you uprooted are now forgotten.

But the Lord reigns forever,
executing judgment from his throne.
He will judge the world with fairness.
The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed,
a refuge in times of trouble.
Those who know your name trust in you,
for you, O Lord, do not abandon those who search for you.

Sing praises to the Lord who reigns in Jerusalem.
Tell the world about his unforgettable deeds.
For he who avenges murder cares for the helpless.
He does not ignore the cries of those who suffer.

Lord, have mercy on me.
See how my enemies torment me.
Snatch me back from the jaws of death.
Save me so I can praise you publicly at Jerusalem’s gates,
so I can rejoice that you have rescued me.

The nations have fallen into the pit they dug for others.
Their own feet have been caught in the trap they set.

The Lord is known for his justice.
The wicked are trapped by their own deeds.

The wicked will go down to the grave.
This is the fate of all the nations who ignore God,
But the needy will not be ignored forever;
the hopes of the poor will not always be crushed.

Arise, O Lord!
Do not let mere mortals defy you!
Judge the nations!
Make them tremble in fear, O Lord.
Let the nations know they are merely human.

oooohh…I swear I get excited when I read the Psalms. Not just read but study them and apply them. Faith gives me hope and with hope I feel good. When I feel good I don’t want to drink. When I don’t drink my life is better than ever, my relationships grow stronger, my life seems more purposeful and life is worth living anew every day!


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