Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

As I was driving, I heard this clear as a bell in my head, “Remember Who You are”.

Reflect without having an opinion

After a difficult week, I found myself being self- critical so I unplugged from podcasting, social media, radio etc and focused on being reflective, with the aim of remembering who I was before.

Reflecting is a fun mental exercise, I recalled my good memories from childhood, and thought about how I chose to spend my time. I used to collect erasers, (weird I know) I remember the smell, how many different kinds,  and how excited I would when I saw a new collection. I remember I wrapped a bunch of my beloved dinosaur erasers in a shoe box and gave them to my best friend as a birthday gift.

I used to read books and walk on stilts

I remembered how I loved to read, If I liked an author, I would read everything they ever wrote like;  Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five, and The Secret Seven, and Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys Books.

At the Summer program I was forced to go to,  I would walk on  Stilts for most of the day ( I guess I was trying to escape people even back then).

I used to love the smell of Watermelon and Oranges, and crunchy Granny Smith Apples were my favorite fruit.

Try reflecting yourself, as you continue with this train of thought, the fonder memories will come to you.

I believe we start out being authentic and along the way a few of us get lost. If you feel a lost, reflections are a nice place to visit. I am definitely going to reflect more often.

It’s Your turn To Remember Who You Are

Something I wish I used when I quit drinking, and absolutely am loving now is this “One Line A Day: Five Year Memory Book” such a fab way to treasure moments.


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