Recovering Me, Discovering Joy By Vivian Eisenecher – A Book Review

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Vivian Eisenecher has written a brilliant book titled “Recovering Me, Discovering Joy”.

I have long been interested in Vivian Eisenecher’s story. When I first embarked upon my own sobriety journey, I scoured the Internet for sobriety success stories and I came across Vivian’s website many times.

I admire Vivian’s quest to help others using her own experience with alcoholism as a platform. And, as a fellow social anxiety sufferer, I was keen to learn about Vivian’s battle with social anxiety disorder (SAD).

After reading “Recovering Me, Discovering Joy” I realized that Vivian’s book is not just a story about alcoholism, social anxiety and depression. There is a much wider, universal appeal to this book. It is a true self help and personal development book that most people would glean something from.

Vivian uses personal stories, quotes and solid facts to share her journey with the reader. This is a cleverly written book that gives you hope, inspiration and a identifiable companion in each page.

“Recovering Me, Discovering Joy” just proves that there are unlimited possibilities when you embrace sobriety and tackle your problems full on. Vivian clearly leads the way using her faith and wisdom and has definitely earned her title as Recovery Queen.


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2 thoughts on “Recovering Me, Discovering Joy By Vivian Eisenecher – A Book Review

  1. Thanks Vivian. Your book was a pleasure to read. Very uplifting, I thoroughly appreciated it. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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