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I recently read the book “Money Master The Game” by Tony Robbins, I recommend it especially for anyone who has a 401K or any stocks/options etc, one of the contributors to the book is Ray Dalio, my curiosity peaked and I read a little about him on Wikipedia which led me to an essay he wrote in 2011 called “Principles”. I have included a link here to the PDF file.

Who is Ray Dalio?

According to BusinessInsider.com he is:

“Ray Dalio has grown his investment firm Bridgewater Associates into the largest hedge fund in the world, with $160 billion in assets. He’s worth an estimated $15.2 billion himself.

What's standing between you and success?

He’s a genius, and an eccentric one at that.

Dalio believes in “radical transparency,” which means that everything at Bridgewater is under constant surveillance — all meetings, all interviews, and all interactions are taped. He runs Bridgewater according to 210 principles that he’s collected in a manual for his employees.”

Business Insider

What has this got to do with my sobriety?

In “Principles” there are some basic fundamentals about the nature of life as well as many gems of advice. I like this guys pragmatic approach to things, of course it helps that he was smart enough to build a successful business and is a billionaire! I’ll take some free advice from someone like that!

Also, I am frequently asked for free self help pdf’s and I think this one makes the grade!

Let me know what you think!

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