I Am Not Your Guru – Anthony Robbins on Netflix – Watch it!

Great insightful look at what actually happens inside one of Tony Robbins Date with Destiny 6 day events. I watched some people breakdown and then breakthrough, saw Tony connect with people who were hurting. What I admired is that these people are not just looking for change or new perspective, they are actually going for it, they were there, at the event even though it cost $5000 for 6 days. It doesn’t surprise me that people are willing to pay that in order to help them overcome hurt and pain and their past. I’m not sure that $5000 fixed their problems but I’m pretty sure it helped them look at life from a new perspective which can be all you need.

The show runs about 2 hours but it’s free on Netflix and I totally recommend it.

I love hearing the real Tony Robbins, he swears..alot…shocker! Actually I was a bit shocked, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him swear in any interviews and definitely not in his books, it didn’t bother me but this one is not for the kids!



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