Sobriety Fashion for Ladies in Recovery..It’s Time to Get Your Groove Back!

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If you have been an alcoholic for any amount of time, I am guessing that you are in need of a good make over. When you spend all of your time drinking, worrying about drinking, figuring out how to continue drinking, you tend to neglect other aspects of yourself and your life.

Whilst I was chugging all kinds of alcohol as frequently as I could, I believed that I was taking pretty good care of myself.  I couldn’t let anyone see how I was really feeling. I would dress well, ensure my make up was in place, buy new clothes and generally ensure that I looked as good as possible. (I wouldn’t leave home without putting a few ‘Visine’ eye drops in to try and get rid of the ever tired, red, with a hint of yellow, permanently hung over eyes).

I had convinced myself that I really had it all together while I was drinking. It was only after I stopped drinking that I noticed just how much I was in desperate need of a good make over.

If you are still drinking, do you feel that way? Do you feel yucky inside? Are you constantly trying to make yourself look better because you feel like crap? I remember days of plying on make-up and nearly having a melt down because no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t make myself feel better by getting dressed or applying another layer of make-up.

Fashion shopping used to be a chore for me. I did not feel comfortable going shopping while sober so of course I would have to have a few drinks before, during and after. All of my shopping trips with girlfriends either started after a liquid lunch, or, in the afternoon following a few drinks.

When I first got sober, I dreaded shopping. But slowly and surely I began to enjoy my shopping trips even more. I paid more attention to the fashion trends. I began to develop my own style that is still evolving. This is very unlike my drinking day’s style which although I think looked pretty good, never really changed much.

Like everything else in my life, my hair, fashion and make-up sense was more about struggling to stay in control rather than being a free expression of myself.

When you get sober, you begin to get yourself back. Bit by bit. Fashion, make up and hair may not be your thing but it sure does feel good to get up and have clear eyes, a nice wardrobe, healthy hair and no hangover. I feel  clean, wholesome and stylish. Sure beats how I felt a few years ago.

Sobriety is not easy I will always say that, but the pro’s always outweigh the con’s in my experience.

Some websites that I enjoy browsing for fashion ideas;

I love this one to browse for fashion ideas and what is fashionable each season.


What is not to love about Vogue?

Vogue Online

Goodhousekeeping online  – I love this for finding out which products live up to the advertising


Sephora – For everything beautiful and delicious smelling. I love the good deals, the free samples and the entire range of products!


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One thought on “Sobriety Fashion for Ladies in Recovery..It’s Time to Get Your Groove Back!

  1. Love your article! What about looking and being healthy enough to go without makeup???!!! I do that “sometimes” now, never before! It is nice to get up and feel good and look forward to the day!


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