Jackie Warner Quit Drinking for a Year

Alcohol Recovery
Alcohol Recovery

I first came across Jackie Warner on a reality TV Show “Work out” a few years back. Since giving up alcohol I pay way more attention to my health and fitness than I did before so thus show held my interest. I like What I saw of Jackie Warner, a smart, strong business woman. One thing I noticed on the show though was how much they liked to knock back the drink! They counted calories and ate super healthy but they sure drank a lot, ( probably made for better TV!).

Jackie Warner quits drinking for a year

I recently took a look at Jackie Warner’s website and read about some changes that she has been going through, in order to get herself out of a bit of a life crisis one of the things she did was quit drinking alcohol for a year and stop partying. I’ve always admired her fitness and business tenacity and after reading a little about the positive changes she has made in her personal life, I definitely admire her for that too!

Here are a few paragraphs from her website, you can check out the entire page here

“I am mentally and physically stronger than I have ever been in my life. I am balanced and happy.
My positive self-esteem has come from three things:
1) Not using negative coping tools like weed, drugs, alcohol or unhealthy relationships.
2) I create something everyday-whether its writing a poem, working with my body to create strength and proportion or anything artistic.
3) Utilizing my own methods and food plans”

Jackie Warner has a new book coming out that I can’t wait to read! I already read the fitness book she wrote.

There is also an active community website you can check out here

Let me know your thoughts on the changes she has made in her life and if you think there is anything you can learn from them!

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