How To Live Without Alcohol

how to live without alcohol
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When I stopped drinking alcohol I had to learn how to live without alcohol. So far my methods are working. It has been 8 years since I stopped drinking alcohol without relapse. Sometimes I feel focused and on track, I know what I want and work toward it with discipline and enthusiasm, other times, I feel overwhelmed, off course, and confused about my path in life. When I feel unsure about things, I have learned to start over, I come back to basics and review what is important to me, I remind myself of the principles I want to live by and this helps me become aware of how I am actually living my life, I am constantly learning and reminding myself of how to successfully live without alcohol.

I No Longer Use Alcohol To Self Medicate Or Forget My Problems, instead I try alternative methods such as this one I am sharing with you.

My Current Situation: My mind is hectic, I feel scattered, I’m not sure what to concentrate on because I have so many things to do, so many interests, projects, responsibilities. I feel overwhelmed, I am easily distracted, annoyed, irritated, feeling a little burnt out and depressed. Thankfully, I know myself well now and recognize these signs. It’s time to START OVER.

Identify How You Want To Live Your Life: I remind myself of a few key words that bring me back to base.

Discipline – To live with self-control, self-mastery, orderliness, self-restraint, cultivation, education, will-power

Success – To live with happiness, progress and realization,

Wisdom – To live with Intelligence, poise, understanding and sophistication

Evaluate How You Are Living Your Life: After writing the above, I already know I am off base, there are some adjustments I need to make in my daily habits to bring about how I actually want to live my life.

What are your key words? How do you want to live your life? Are you living your life the way you want to? or do things need to change?


  • Write down your keywords
  • Research your chosen keywords
  • Think about how you want your life to be
  • Evaluate how you are currently living your life
  • Based on the above, make a quick list of what you want to accomplish today and set the ball rolling for tomorrow

It hasn’t taken me long to get a fresh perspective on life, this simple action has helped immensely. In my quest to learn how to live without alcohol, it’s the simple things that have the most impact in my day. This little
keyword exercise is easy and free, within minutes of doing it, I feel differently about my situation, instead of feeling depressed I feel inspired, I want to get organized, to prioritize what is important, to dismiss negative thoughts, let go of resentments and realize that I have a life which is important. I am reminded of how little alcohol helps, it just perpetuates the problems and takes us further away from our authentic self. NO THANKS!

Every day I continue to learn how to live without alcohol, even 8 years after quitting drinking. This exercise is helpful. give it a try!


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