Some Helpful Tips For Alcohol Recovery

Take control of your thoughts every day, you need to reset your mind frame on a daily basis. Be aware of what you are thinking about and how you are framing each situation

Let it go…

Worry, shame, confusion, hurt, sadness, anger and guilt – write it down, tell a friend, pray, think it through, process it, then let it go. ¬†Revisit difficult issues, process them so you can find peace. Use whatever healthy method suits you best. Don’t ignore whats bothering you, you can’t drink it away. Think about it, process it, then you might have a chance of letting it go.

Already sober?…then don’t forget…

Don’t forget how shitty your life was when you were drinking, its easy to think about the good¬†times you had when drinking but remember how you truly felt. I can still feel a sickly feeling in my stomach, and anxiety that never went away, the relentless pursuit for a feeling that wasn’t sustainable, and the awareness of life lived below my potential. Don’t forget..

Reinventing yourself is a real thing…..

“If you don’t like who you are or what you are, you can change that at any time” Zig Ziglar. Every day is a new day. Reinventing yourself is possible, people do it all the time. Why not you? Spend some time thinking about the traits, characteristics and lifestyle that you would rather have, start the process of making it your reality.

Do some role play with yourself….

You: I am a hopeless alcoholic who can’t stop drinking alcohol because I can’t cope in this world without it

The Other You: Well, I don’t have to put that drink to my lips, I can try and do something else like pick up a book, find an AA meeting and go to it, call a friend, take a shower, go for a fast walk, or make an appointment with my doctor to find out more about what kind of help is available for alcohol withdrawal and counseling.

Keep going with the role play, write it out if need be, what are you saying to yourself verses what you could be saying to yourself

Concern yourself with today….

It’s easy to worry about the future, to think about tomorrow and not know if you will be able to get through it, but what about today, what do you need to do today. Every day focus on what is before you and get that done to the best of your ability. Yes we have to make plans and have goals and work around schedules but we don’t have to worry about it relentlessly. Really, all you can do is take care of today. “Take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself” (someone wrote!).

There is no magic answer for alcohol sobriety, I looked for it. But there are some simply things that if you incorporate in your life, will change your life.
Here is an interesting article from Psychology Today WHAT REALLY LEADS TO CHANGE IN PEOPLES LIVES

Try new things….

Go for a long hike in a new area, take a drive to a different area, visit a museum, go on a boat tour, do something new as often as you can.

Just do it





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2 thoughts on “Some Helpful Tips For Alcohol Recovery

  1. Today is day 2. I want beer so bad. Everything and everyone is annoying me. I didn’t cave. I’m told the agitation stops by day 4.

  2. Today is day 2. I want beer so bad. Everything and everyone is annoying me. I didn’t cave. I’m told the agitation stops by day 4. I feel like I want to get out of bed… it’s weird

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