Sobriety..Get Your Brain Working…


Get Your Brain Working – These are some of the things that help me..

  1.  Buy a desk calendar with a daily activity to get you thinking about something that interests you; crosswords, poems, trivia, sports etc
  2. Sign up for a daily devotional email to reaffirm your faith and to start the day off on the right foot
  3. Get an IPOD or MP3 player and start listening to a series of podcast’s that interest you. They are all free and cover every topic imaginable, you can listen while you are in the car anytime, at the gym, while exercising at home, when walking the dog etc
  4. Exercise – Of course I am going to say exercise…this is powerful, it  works. There is a magical quality about physically exerting yourself, it literally de-stresses and clears the mind. You need to be exercising at least 3-5 times a work in order to realize the benefits. I would also recommend that you get outdoors. Walking or running in nature is the best!
  5. Come clean – Tell someone, either a friend or call or help hotline about the problems you are having. Don’t try and solve all of your problems alone. For the very best result, you should tell the big man upstairs all of your problems and then ask for help…see what happens!

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