Get Up Early And Plan Your Day

When I first quit drinking alcohol, I used to wake up super early and begin planning my day. It was an exciting time, I loved the sense of creating a whole new life and it was so different to how I had been spending all my previous mornings; hungover!

I am having a morning like that again…not with a hangover but an early productive morning. It’s dark outside, my household is still asleep, my dog is laying next to me on the sofa and I am sitting here plotting and planning about the day ahead, it feels great.

Make a list

I love list’s, I don’t see them as a boring “To Do” list, this list is about what I want to get from the day:

You can categorize your list like I am:


  1. Let my boss know that I have spent time going through some tutorials in my own time and if he needs my assistance with anything in that program, I would be happy to attempt it hopefully with minimal supervision.
  2. Continue organizing and filing the project I am currently working on
  3. While co-worker is out of town, check her email/voicemail, get in 15 minutes earlier to do this, make notes for boss about anything important
  4. Check the weather and the board for whats going on today
  5. Find a new radio station to listen to today! Feel like hearing some new perspectives!

Home Business

  1. Take stuff to Goodwill
  2. Bring products out of garage to prepare for Photo-shoot
  3. Buy new stock to help with motivation!
  4. Finish listing recent new stock that is partially done
  5. Check e-commerce platforms for updates etc
  6. Begin ramping up for holiday season


  1. Get sink fixed this weekend
  2. Bathroom Floor Prepped
  3. Start collating for my first home photography expo area



  1. Visit family this weekend
  2. Make some catch up phone calls
  3. Prepare Birthday package for special someone
  4. Do the Solar Sun craft with my daughter and find a few more fun crafts to do with her


1.Continue photography course and get out and experiment
2. Keep writing
3. Look into LifeCoaching
4. Try and do at least 3 – 5 minute meditation sessions – starting right now……..


  1. Continue healthy eating, no junk this weekend.
  2. Make some Green Smoothies
  3. Gym Time with good podcasts
  4. Walk 5-6 miles each day

Well it’s been a great start to my day, lets hope the rest of my day goes as well!

Now… Get planning your day – ┬áThe stuff that excites you and fills you with enthusiasm only please!

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