Day 6 of 30 Days to a Better Life in Sobriety


I came across a great website that I thought would be perfect for Day 6. I read practically every post on this website because it is so well written and I could totally relate to it all and best of all, use it to help my understanding of sobriety, recovery and addiction.

So, for Day 6 your job is to read all the posts that you think pertain to you and your own recovery.

A side note…This website is for the Hills Treatment Center¬† based in LA. (Looks very nice if you can afford that type of thing!) but my reasoning for recommending this to you is solely for the blog posts which¬†are very well written and informative. I am sure you will gain something from reading them.

Click here to visit The Hills Blog


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3 thoughts on “Day 6 of 30 Days to a Better Life in Sobriety

  1. Madison,
    I understand what you have said about the challenge and fear? of committing to something for 30 consecutive days. If we don’t have the right mindset going into it, it can be a set-up because a lot of us will use a missed day as a reason to beat ourselves up over not being “perfect.” I’m here to tell you that I would rather read and practice your 30 Days To a Better Life in NINETY days, than have you stop what you are doing because you don’t think you did it well enough. You have a lot of wisdom. You are helping me. Thank you. I look forward to reading Day 7 and beyond.. Sincerely, Kristy

  2. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for your comment. You must have read my mind. I have every intention of finishing this but I have to say that it may well be in 90 days!!!

    I have done it again….over committed myself and am trying to stretch myself to thin.

    I really appreciate your kind words. I will be back with Day 7 very soon.

    So pleased we all understand each other!

    Glad Recovery Princess is helpful to you. It is what keeps me going!

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