Art to Inspire

Use Art to Inspire You

I like having visual reminders to lift my mood remind me to stay balanced, and to enjoy and appreciate all the good things in life. Just like I use Instagram to motivate and fill me with enthusiasm by following people I am interested in and admire, I use art and photography around my home to keep…

Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are As I was driving, I heard this clear as a bell in my head, “Remember Who You are”. Reflect without having an opinion After a difficult week, I found myself being self- critical so I unplugged from podcasting, social media, radio etc and focused on being reflective, with the aim of…

make money online

Make Money Online

Make Money Online So I stopped drinking 8 years ago that’s also the start of me learning how to make money online, I began this blog and then set about exploring a whole new way of life. Along the way I have explored my curiosities and learned to live a new life without alcohol. When…

Writing To Heal Course on Udemy!

Love this one for those Recovery Princess readers who enjoy writing and expressing thoughts and emotions on paper (or pc/pad/mobile device!) Would appreciate feedback from anyone who takes this $57 course! Let us know how it worked for you!

Another Great Online Learning Site

Hi Guys, Great courses on this site! They also have an IPad and IPhone App, These are not free courses like but certainly worth considering. Just thought of another site which is great for distance learning and is subscription based which is quite manageable. Enjoy!

No Excuse For NOT Getting A Good Education!

Hi Everyone, I am so excited about these two new educational websites that are available for EVERYONE for FREE! and is “The Future of Online Education” Enjoy!

Pursuit of Dreams Foundation Coach Beverly Kearney

Beverly Kearney Coach at Texas University has started a foundation called “Pursuit of Dreams Foundation” Beverly Kearney’s mother was an alcoholic who died in her sleep. Beverly survived a horrific car accident and was left paralyzed. Beverly defeated the paralysis! This amazing and inspiring woman’s story who was once homeless and had an alcoholic mother is on The…