10 Years Sober Maureen Herman


10 Years Sober
10 Years Sober


I have officially got 7 seven years of continued sobriety without relapse and I find myself wanting to know more about the changes in other people in long term sobriety which is how I came across this brilliant article about Maureen’s 10 Years Sober.

My first year sober

The first year of sobriety was about making it through each day sober, there were incredible emotional highs and lows, overall I was fueled by determination and perseverance. I did everything I could to get through the day.

My seventh year sober

At seven years of sobriety, I don’t think about making it through the day without alcohol, many days pass and I rarely think about the physical act of drinking alcohol. I still have emotional highs and lows but they are not as extreme and way less frequent. I rarely experience the level of social anxiety I battled with during my drinking years and the early days of sobriety. I spend my days doing all kinds of things that for the most part I enjoy and feel satisfied with. I know who I am now, I acknowledge my weaknesses. I have picked up some great habits. I enjoy life. There is 99% less drama in my life. I think one of the biggest benefits of sobriety for me is that I can be strong when others need me and I am no longer a burden to other people. Oh and did I say that having no hangovers EVER is amazing.

10 Years Sober by Maureen Herman

I came across an article on Huffington Post by Maureen Herman about being 10 years sober from alcohol and drugs. You can read it here

I am excited to see what being 10 years sober brings for me, sobriety has been an incredible journey that I hope you have the will, courage, education and support to try.

Please share your sobriety stories here.

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