Use Art to Inspire You

Art to Inspire

I like having visual reminders to lift my mood

remind me to stay balanced, and to enjoy and appreciate all the good things in life. Just like I use Instagram to motivate and fill me with enthusiasm by following people I am interested in and admire, I use art and photography around my home to keep my spirits high.

Since I quit drinking I have become so much more creative. When I was younger I loved to do oil painting, it helped me relax, I also loved to draw. For so long my creative side was stunted by alcohol, many famous creatives are thought to contribute their artistry to alcohol but not me, alcohol muted most of that. It has been a fun part of my recovery to indulge in many creative interests. There are so many free or very inexpensive sites where you can learn to do more creative pursuits. Check my links section for all the free and inexpensive sites out there such as Skillshare, Coursera, Lynda and others.

I am an avid photographer and love to decorate with my photography, how about you? Any creative pursuits?

Art to Inspire


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