Alcohol Messes Stuff Up!

Here are some things that I believe alcohol messes up!:

  1. Character – alcohol changes a persons character, (character – “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to and individual“) both immediately and over the duration of their lifespan
  2. Alcohol stunts personal growth – (personal growth – “Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.“problematic drinking limits personal growth, you don’t really grow, you take a few steps forward but far more back
  3. Its a time suck- you lose a lot of time when you drink
  4. You don’t do what you were really meant to do – you probably didn’t write the book you always wanted to and could have done and those kind of things
  5. You do things you regret, it never would have happened if you were sober
  6. It wrecks your confidence….just look back at number 5, these kind of regrets diminish the respect you have for yourself
  7. You spend time with people for the wrong reason….wanting a drinking partner
  8. You waste your life – hangovers, lost memories, sick days, so much time lost never to return
  9. Your imagination doesn’t run wild anymore – it gets to “its drinking time” and stays there
  10. Your personal relationships are weird – All lovey dovey, emotional, over the top, intimate one minute then when you sober up, everything seems weird and awkward
  11. It makes you say and do things you would NEVER say and do sober
  12. It lowers your moral compass – you stop judging others bad behavior because yours is just as bad, easier not to get involved in other peoples business. (not saying that judging is good but come on, you have to have to standards).
  13. You come across as two completely different people – You drunk/tipsy & You sober/normal
  14. Your highs and lows are very extreme –  Friday night is awesome, Saturday morning is depressing, Monday is just unbearable
  15. You probably don’t really know the half of what you said and did a good deal of the time –
  16. You’ll never know what could have been and you’ll die wishing you had of known

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