A Quick Way To Lift Your Mood

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I am going to pass on a quick tip that will lift your mood. If you feel depressed, tired, useless, hopeless or maybe you don’t feel that bad but you could do with some more positivity to help you think about possibilities instead of hardship, then you will find this helpful.

Before I give it to you I want to tell you why I think this helps.

As you know if you are a regular reader, I have been sober for nearly 16 months for the first time in seventeen years. Throughout these 16 months, I have gone through just about every possible feeling/thought/emotion and mood known to man. I have battled with social anxiety, panic attacks, depression, negative thinking, withdrawal from others, low self esteem and more. All of these were reasons why I drank for so long, but the alcohol exacerbated these issues for me and magnified the worst for me. Now that I am sober and I have a fairly long period of sobriety, I am able to clearly identify what I am feeling and also what triggers it for me. Thankfully, I have the kind of nature that leads me to wanting to find a better way of dealing with things. I record what I go through in a journal, I analyze the negatives and I try and find a way to combat anything that I am uncomfortable with.

Time and time again in the last 16 months, the most common problem I experience is negative thinking that leads to depression and general unhappiness, lately I have been experimenting with changing my mood when I am feeling down or anxious or negative.

Here is one sure fire way to lift your mood and begin thinking about possibilities………

Zig Ziglar

I have known about Zig Ziglar for a few years now, I recently signed up for his newsletter and read it regularly but only recently I have started paying more attention to him. I can not believe that I have not read one of his books yet. He is truly one of the most straight talking, motivating, uplifting, sensible, humorous and genuine being I have ever encountered in the world of personal development. If you already know about this man then good for you! Read and listen to anything he has ever written and said again! If you do not know about him, do yourself a favor and learn everything you can.  This doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money either.

Here are a few ways that you can listen to Zig Ziglar right now;

Go to www.Youtube.comand type in Zig Ziglar, you can watch and listen to some mini sessions of him talking and being interviewed right now for free. Listen to them all, what have you got to loose?

If you have an Iphone or Ipod or MP3 player, go to www.audible.comand download an audiobook of his. They range from $2.95 to about $15.95. They are worth every penny! If anyone knows a less expensive way then please share.

If you have a kindle or prefer reading on your pc, go to www.barnesandnoble.comand download an ebook of Zig Ziglars.

Go to www.amazon.com and buy a used book for a fraction of the price in the bookstore or go to your local library and get a book for free!

Whatever you do, listen to Zig Ziglar right now on YouTube.

Take action and do something right now. It has worked for me, it truly has.

One tip for you, once you have read or listened to something of Zig Ziglar’s, read it again, and again. Read or listen to it when you feel good and when you feel bad. Take note of what he says and take action.

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My positive commitment to living the best life ever…..

I am not depressed, I do not have stinkin thinking, I am making something of my life, I overcome hard times, I find solutions to every challenge presented to me, I learn from every experience be it good or bad, I do not allow others to bring me down, I take responsibility for my life and I find ways to help others every day.

What do you want to overcome today?

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