4 Years Sober I did it!

number 4 I can barely even believe I am writing these words…I am past the four-year sober mark!

If I can do it, so can you!

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7 thoughts on “4 Years Sober I did it!

  1. Congratulations!!
    A great accomplishment, and someone to aspire to!!

    Today, I am one month sober!!

  2. Congrats! I’m only on day 5. But doing well all things considered. Just getting bored. Especially around the time of evening when I used to start drinking. Around 7:30 PM.

  3. 5 days is huge!!! congrats to you too!

    When I hear “bored” I just think it means you don’t know what else to do yet because you are just so used to drinking which makes the clock spin by!

    I just feel like there is not enough time in the day to do all that I want to do!!!

    What do you like to do? Think back to when you were younger…there must have been some hobbies, passions, pastimes that you enjoyed..maybe you can’t remember yet? maybe it is too soon to remember what you really love. Read a book, watch a hilarious movie, work out, cook a great meal, call a friend or just ignore me if you like! I remember the early days and they are not easy, having a plan of action for each day helps.

    Keep strong!

  4. “ignore me if you want”, that was funny. The rest is good advice overall. Problem is I’m very lazy and routine oriented. Like Groundhog Day. No motivation yet. I do plan on making myself go to the bookstore soon. I need something to read. Tired of watching House re-runs…..

    Thanks for responding.

  5. Hi Jan,

    Seems like we have all been busy lately..good to hear from you. I hope all goes well with your Dad.

    Your job sounds extremely interesting Jan, I admire what you do. Any job leads yet?

    Being with people is so important Jan. Sometimes left to ourselves we can concoct all manners of unhealthy thinking particularly during the early days of sobriety. Being with others helps me to realize when I am being unrealistic or depressive etc, it is great that you have such awareness.

    I have changed this blog around and fear that some functions are not working as well which might be why you didn’t get updates. Sorry!

    I am keeping busy with my guests and have been studying which I love.

    Good luck with the job hunt and I hope you had a great coffee date Jan!

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