10 Things To Do Today For A Better Sober Day

  1. Sign up to Quora.com – Fascinating answers to every question imaginable written by everyday people & people in the public eye alike
  2. Get creative and futuristic by trying your hand at designing anything you can dream up on Tinkercad.com – This is a great one for kids too
  3. Read something that increases your IQ a few points! Eg Mastery by Robert Greene ( as recommended by James Altucher on Quora)
  4. Make some money doing something you enjoy on Etsy.com
  5. Take the money you save from not drinking and invest in your future by opening a low cost index  fund through Vanguard.com
  6. Do something seasonal, all the apple orchards are open where I am, there is nothing better than going there and getting fresh Honey Crisp apples, A pot of local honey, and a loaf of apple pie bread, oh and some kettle corn doesn’t hurt either!
  7. Make your surroundings beautiful, pick a wall and redesign it, use Pinterest, Houzz.com and Instagram for brilliant ideas
  8. Enjoy the outside, get your camera and go for a walk, stopping and snapping pics of anything that appeals to you, you can print your favorites at a local store and frame them for your new wall
  9. Make someone happy, buy a bunch of flowers and surprise them just because….
  10. Get out of your head, forget yesterday and tomorrow, do what makes you feel good today, act on any healthy ideas that you may have been ignoring, do something that you used to love as a kid, have innocent fun and park your worries elsewhere for today

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